Writing Task 1: Describing Trends

DESCRIBING TRENDS UP rise (v): Production costs rose to their highest level of the year in July. rise (n): There was a rise in production costs to the highest level of the year. go up (v): Between 1900 and 2000, the population went up by over a million people. grow (grew, grown) (v): The number of first-time users grew rapidly in 2017. growth (n): There was solid growth in the number of first-time users in 2015.

Charts Showing Different Causes of Death in the USA for Two Different Years

Task 1: 150 words, 20 minutes The charts below show different causes of death in the USA for two different years. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. Causes of Death in the USA My Writing The pie charts display the proportion of six primary culprits of death in the USA, and this survey was conducted in 1975 and 2002. Overall, heart disease and ‘other’ were the root causes of death throughout the survey, while lung disease showed the least.

Writing Task2: Is the Rise in Online Medical Advice Use a Positive Development?

Wrting Task 2: 250 words, 40 minutes Nowadays, more and more people seek online medical advice. Why do you think this is happening? Do you think this is a good development? My writing With the arrival of the digital age, the use of online medical advice is becoming increasingly common, and some are of the opinion that this is a positive trend, while others differ in opinion. Considering this situation, in my opinion, it is a positive development in terms of convenience and affordability.

Writing Vocabulary: Medicine

Alternative medicine (ɔːlˈtɜːrnətɪv ˈmɛdsɪn): Medical practices that are not part of standard care. Examples include acupuncture and herbal treatments. Traditional medicine (trəˈdɪʃənl ˈmɛdsɪn): Practices that have been passed down through generations, often based on cultural beliefs and practices. Espoused system (ɪˈspaʊzd ˈsɪstəm): A system or belief that one promotes or adopts. Western medicine (ˈwɛstərn ˈmɛdsɪn): A system of medicine based on scientific research and the use of medications and surgeries; often contrasted with traditional or alternative medicines.

Writing Task 2: Should More People Be Encouraged to Wear Their Traditional Clothes Every Day

Wrting Task 2: 250 words, 40 minutes “In many countries, people no longer wear their traditional costumes. They are forgetting their history and traditions. More people should be encouraged to wear their traditional clothes every day. Do you agree or disagree?” 1. Introduction Background: With modernisation, the use of traditional clothes is becoming more and more uncommon. Introduce Question: Some are of the opinion that wearing traditional clothes on a daily basis should be fostered, while others differ in opinion.

Decadal Trends in Energy Demand and Fossil Fuel Availability in Freedonia (1980-2020)

Wrting Task 1: 150 words, 20 minutes The graph shows the demand for energy and the energy available from fossil fuels in Freedonia from 1980 to 2020. Energy Consumptions Graph in Freedonia (1980-2020) Structure: Introduction: Describe what the graph displays. Mention the time period and units of measurement. Overall: Provide a general summary of the most noticeable trends or patterns. Paragraph 2: Describe specific data points in detail. Compare data and trends.