Speaking Vocabulary: Charity Work / Quiz Show

Introduction My memory goes back ~ years /maɪ ˈmɛməri goʊz bæk ~ jɪərz/: This phrase is used to express that one can remember something from a certain number of years ago. “My memory goes back 20 years, to the first charity event I ever organized.” My memory goes back to my childhood /maɪ ˈmɛməri goʊz bæk tuː maɪ ˈʧaɪldhʊd/: This phrase is used when one is recalling events from their childhood.

Speaking Vocabulary: Movie / TV Programmes / Book

Introduction: A ~ that comes vividly to my mind is the ~ that I ~ two years ago. /ə ~ ðæt kʌmz ˈvɪvɪdli tə maɪ maɪnd ɪz ðə ~ ðæt aɪ ~ tuː jɪərz əɡoʊ/: This phrase is used when you want to talk about a specific memory or event that you remember clearly from two years ago. “A trip that comes vividly to my mind is the journey to Europe that I took two years ago.

Writing Vocabulary: Literacy

Literacy /ˈlɪtərəsi/: The ability to read and write. “Promoting literacy in underdeveloped regions is essential for economic growth.” Literate /ˈlɪtərət/: Being able to read and write. “Being literate in today’s world opens up a myriad of opportunities.” Illiteracy /ɪˈlɪtərəsi/: The inability to read or write. “Despite advancements in education, illiteracy remains a significant problem in many parts of the world.” Screen media /skriːn ˈmiːdiə/: Content consumed through screens such as movies, TV shows, video games, and online content.

Writing Task1: Charts Illustrating the Relationship Between Different Travel Purposes and Preferred Destinations

My Writing: The statistical charts display the figures in numbers and the correlation between different reasons and destinations over the years from 1994 to 1998. In this investigation, 100,000 people from the UK participated. Overall, the survey shows that UK residents preferred travelling to Western Europe during holidays, and there was a steady increase except in 1994. To begin with, the most notable feature was seen in the category of ‘Holiday’ in 1994, with 15,246, and it increased dramatically by 1998, with 20,700.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Driest Continent: Albert's Antarctic Odyssey

Once upon a time in the quiet academic halls of Cambridge University, a graduate student named Albert was working on his dissertation. His research instrument of choice was questionnaires, which he meticulously designed to collect data for his study. Albert’s passion lay in the most barren and isolated corners of our planet, and so, his study focused on Antarctica, the driest continent on Earth. To most, Antarctica was a vast, white wilderness, but to Albert, it was an unexplored world of scientific wonders waiting to be discovered.

Writing Task 1: Bar Chart Showing Four Modes of Transport From 1950 to 1990

My Writing (Band 6.5): The bar chart displays the proportions of four different types used to commute to work in a European city. This survey was conducted every two decades, from 1950 to 1990. Overall, it represents that, at the beginning of the survey, more eco-friendly tools, such as walking and bicycles, were the primary modes of transportation, whereas commuting by car became the principle means at the end of the investigation.