Writing Task 1: Bar Chart Showing Four Modes of Transport From 1950 to 1990

My Writing (Band 6.5):

The bar chart displays the proportions of four different types used to commute to work in a European city. This survey was conducted every two decades, from 1950 to 1990.

Overall, it represents that, at the beginning of the survey, more eco-friendly tools, such as walking and bicycles, were the primary modes of transportation, whereas commuting by car became the principle means at the end of the investigation.

To begin with, in 1950, commuting on foot recorded the highest with 35%, and this was followed by bike, bus, and car in order. Regarding foot, there was a dramatic decrease until 1990; 5% was shown as the proportion. As for bus, it presented a similar trend to foot, starting at 30% and falling down to 5%. In terms of the bus, it showed marginal changes, going from 20% at first to 25% and then 15% in the end. Turning to the car, it was depicted as an exponential increase, beginning at 5% and reaching 35%. (161 words)