Writing Task 1: Words and Phrases to Describe Trends

Upwards Trend

Noun Adjective + noun Verb + adverb
a rise a sharp increase increased sharply
an increase a considerable increase increased considerably
a peak a substantial increase increased substantially
an exponential increase increased exponentially
a dramatic increase increased dynamically
a slight increase increased slightly
a gradual increase increased dradually
a marginal increase increased marginally
a minimal increase increased minimally
a steady increase increased steadily

Downward Trend

Noun Adjective + noun Verb + adverb Verb
a decrease a sharp decrease decreased sharply plummeted
a fall a considerable decrease decreased considerably plunged
a drop a substantial decrease decreased substantially
a decline a precipitous decline declined precipitously
a dip a dramatic decrease decreased dramatically
a plunge a marginal fall fell marginally
a minimal drop dropped marginally
a gradual fall fell gradually
a slight decrease decreased slightly
a steady decrease decreased steadily

Phrases - Trend remained the same

levelled off at
remained constant
kept the same at
remained the same at
stable trend
kept stable at

Phrases - Not Stable Trend

unstable trend
irregular trend
fluctuating trend